Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Specializing in the Assessment and Treatment of:

Feeding/Toilet Training Self regulation and Coping Skills
Social Thinking/Theory of Mind Communication Delays
Anxiety Social Skills Development
Attention and Focus Strategies Anger/Frustration
Sibling Rivalry Vocational Training/Planning
Inclusion Cognitive/Academic Delays

Functional Behavior Assessment
A series of observations are conducted in the natural setting to determine the causes of the child’s responses. A detailed report assists in measuring and analyzing data to develop a positive support plan that can be implemented by all caregivers to reach the desired goals. The therapist will work closely with the family to ensure consistency and success in changing behavior.

Individual Treatment
This service provides direct instruction based on the individual needs of the child and family through a combination of natural environment and in-clinic therapy sessions. Programs are selected to address all areas of development, including communication, behavior, regulation, socialization, play, cognition, self help, and independence.

Group Therapy
Our Master’s and Doctoral level therapists provide social skills training using SkillStreaming, Social Thinking (Garcia-Winner), Theory of Mind (Ordetx) development, cognitive behavior therapy, and other highly respected teaching methods. A variety of classes are offered to address the rules of social engagement for all ages.

Professional Consultation
Children may require additional support in the classroom setting to ensure optimal success. We offer a hands-on approach to training educators, administrators, and paraprofessionals in the effective implementation of the principles of applied behavior analysis and derivative methodologies to ensure success at school.

Program Evaluation
Data is collected during each session to ensure continued progress. Monthly reports are reviewed with caregivers to establish present level of performance, areas of continued need, and to expand on learning opportunities.

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